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Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!


Beaujolais Nouveau began as an early release wine, drunk by vineyard workers, to celebrate the end of harvest.​

But how Beaujolais Nouveau had became popular globally dated back in the 1960s when George Duboeuf began to market Beaujolais Nouveau with small scale parties and slowly introduced local region's tradition of toasting the harvest with young wines to a global audience in 1980s.


At the same time, thanks to all the vintners & wine professionals that helped in marketing Beaujolais nouveau.


By 1985, the date was firmly set on the third Thursday of November and segued into a more global experience.   

Facts about Beaujolais Nouveau!


1. The grapes for Beaujolais Nouveau is Gamay! A purple-colored variety of berry, fruity and high in acidity. This acidity is softened through carbonic maceration, a six-week vinification process of anaerobic fermentation which uses the whole Gamay grape, including the skins, minimizing natural tannins. The resulting wine offers the fruit-forward flavors and youthful floral notes for which Beaujolais Nouveau is revered. 

2. Nouveau means new, and refers to the first released Gamay wines from the recent harvest in Beaujolais region, France. 

3. In order to make Beaujolais Nouveau, the grapes have to be in whole bunches, so the fruit can only picked by hand!


4. Beaujolais Nouveau is made by a technique called carbonic maceration that can take under 6 weeks. The whole, hand-picked clusters are dumped into tanks and the weight of the grapes on top crushes the bottom, releasing juice and starting a natural fermentation, blanketing the whole thing in CO2. The intact grapes above undergo intracellular fermentation within their skins, it’s then all pressed and the juices mixed, bottled a mere 6 – 8 weeks after harvest.

Finally, the wine! Beaujolais nouveau is the definition of "glou glou": very low in tannin with high acidity; lush, juicy aromas of grape, light raspberry, cranberry, banana, and even bubblegum!

It's fruity, It's fun, It's Beaujolais Nouveau! 

Get yourself a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau this year from us or head over to our sister store to enjoy it with special menu that specially created to pair it together: 

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