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Bodegas Bhilar

is a spanish boutique winery located in Elvillar, Rioja Alavesa.

Run by the winemaker & viticutor David Sampedro and his wife Melanie Hickman, their goal is to make terroir-driven wines with soul, respect the land, work only with indigenous grapes, and to share their unique wines with good people with positive energy.

Biodynamics Farming since 1999

David Sampedro started learning about the biodynamic philosophy in 1999 and changed how he cared for his vineyards. First, he converted to organic farming and then began following tenants to recover the harmony between man, earth, vines, and cosmos. In 2014, tractors were eliminated and horses were brought back to farm the vineyards.

Sustainable Winery

After years of making his personal wines in wineries where he consulted, David decided to focus all of his energy on his “Phincas” wines and personal projects throughout Spain. In 2012, he started his garagiste winery close to his vineyards in Elvillar and named it after his village; Bhilar is Elvillar in the Basque language. The new minimal intervention winery finalized in 2016 is a chateau concept that molds into the landscape. The sustainable design is “off the grid” utilizing solar power and built partially subterranean with concrete fermentation tanks to help control the temperature in the winery.


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