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Domaine Bertaud Belieu

La Fête du Rosé wine is made from prestigious winemaker in 60 hectares of Domaine Bertaud Belieu winery which located in Côte de Provence region, the oldest vineyard in Saint-Tropez peninsula established in 1340. This region is producing the best rosé wines in the world.


The winery is very close to the sea, constant breeze from natural sea. Soils consist of volcanic soil, sand, clay and limestone. Also, the vineyard gets 250 days of sunlight on average. These characteristic makes terroir for the region unique.

La Fête du Rosé, means “The Rosé Party”, the first black-owned rosé wine brand. Donae Buston, founder & Chief Executif Officer (CEO) of La Fête du Rosé, who is origin from Miami. He is originally trained in math and engineering and employed in IT.

Little story of Buston & Rosé

Buston was exposed to rosé when he took a trip to St-Tropes for his 30th birthday. Holiday with diverse group of friends – Black, white, Asian, French, American, South African, British, male and female – and everyone was drinking that blush rosé wine. It is part of their daily routine there. From the time begin, he fell in love with the idea, and it became the whole nostalgic piece of his mind, whenever Buston has a glass of rosé, he would recall back to the special time and rosé became his favorite alcoholic beverage.

“Being a black-owned brand does not mean that we are only for black people, La Fête is a party, and everyone is invited. Bienvenue a La Fête.”

"Salmon-pink La Fête du Rosé – 80% Grenache, 14% Mourvèdre and 6 % Syrah"

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