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Weingut Gunderloch

Weingut Gunderloch dates back to 1890 when banker Carl Gunderloch purchased the fabled Nackenheimer Rothenberg, the best vineyard sites of the “Rote Hang” area (“red slope area”) in the Rheinhessen appellation. His dedication has turned it into the esteemed Weingut Gunderloch today, crafting world-class Rieslings from the finest officially classified vineyards which has been passed down through six generations and 130 years.

Johannes Hasselbach

Fritz Hasselbach

Over the past decade, the 5th generation, Fritz and Agnes Hasselbach have elevated the estate to world class. In 2016, Johannes Hasselbach took the helm of his parents' esteemed Gunderloch winery, and his goal is to maintain his family's storied legacy while bringing energy and vitality to the property and its celebrated Rieslings.

The estate has nearly 13 hectares of vineyards, including an almost monopole position in the world-famous Rothenberg. This is situated on one of the steepest slopes on the Rhine and is classified as one of only 3 Grand-Cru `A` vineyards in all of Rheinhessen.


Johannes is actively directing his steps forward at Gunderloch:

The philosophy of farming: The estate has been practicing organic and has all been VEGAN since 2017 vintage.

The style of the wine: the wines are getting drier, more focused, and less baroque. Lowering alcohol levels on the dry wines is a priority for him--and a challenge, given the warming climate and placement of his vineyards. His residual sugars across the board are starting to skew lower as well, which of course reflects the general trend in German winemaking.

In another words, Johannes is not passively staying with past practices or

assumptions. He feels that with changes to the ecology and culture around him, this is not only a good idea but crucial to the success of his family's estate.


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