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Veneto, Italy

Carla, Nadia, Alberto Zenato

Founded in 1960 by Sergio and Carla Zenato, the Zenato winery was originally based on the production of quality wines from an indigenous varietal, Trebbiano di Lugana. Over time, the winery has been passed to Sergio and Carla’s children, who have maintained and expanded upon this vision.


The winery is subdivided in two parts. One is in San Benedetto di Lugana, best suited for trebbiano di Lugana grapes. The other, in Valpolicella, grows corvina, rondinella and oseleta varieties.

Currently, Sergio's daughter Nadia handles the marketing and promotional activity for the company, while his son Alberto oversees all aspects of production, from the growing of the vines to the completion of the bottling process.

Their eyes and their heart continue down the path that Sergio laid out with great clarity as he steadied the course toward quality and love for their land. Over time, that land wasn’t just Lugana but also Valpolicella, with its celebrated red wines and their matchless aromas.


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