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also called as "Bubbly"

Sparkling wine are carbonated alcoholic drinks. Usually sparkling wine are made from black and white grapes, carbon dioxide (CO2) is naturally produced by by-product during fermentation or added artificially in wine.


There are few types of sparkling wine. The most well-known sparkling wine is Champagne, which is usually used in celebrations such as weddings and New year’s. The other types of sparkling wines are Prosecco, Cava and Crémant.

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fermented without skins

White wine are also made from black and white grapes. The grapes are fermented without skins, only clear grape juice is used. While, white wine also has tannins, it is acidic nature that shapes its fresh, crisp and tart flavour.


White wine are differentiate into light to full bodied wines. Light-bodied white wines are light easy-drinking dry white wine. Light white wine are perfect for savory lovers like Sauvignon Blanc and Gruner Veltliner with green herbal flavour or gooseberry and bell pepper. These wines are highly drinkable, which means you can easily enjoy them on their own or with a light snack. Usually are recommended white wine for wine beginner.


Full-bodied white wine has rich and smooth taste with subtle creaminess which are perfect for red wine lover. Full-bodied white wines also usually undergone aging in oak barrels, grape like Chardonnay. Most of them has distinct vanilla and coconut notes. 

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fermentation with skins

Unlike white wine, wine making process for red wine slightly different which is grape skins, grape pips and seeds are fermented together during the fermentation process.

Moreover, red wine are fermented in hight temperature in order to extract skin colour, tannin, aroma and flavour with different level of concentration varies by the duration of fermentation. 


Red wine are typically high in tannin which causes bitter and dry taste in your mouth after take a sip. Red wine also ranged in light  to full-bodied red wine. For example, typical grape variety such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, merlot and pinot noir.

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well-known for its blush pink

This pretty colour are made from black grape juice fermented with skin in a very short period of time, from few hours to a few days until the juice gained a nice ink hue. It can be ranged from dry to sweet and colour of pale to dark pink. Level of tannin definitely lower than red wine as its short maceration with grape skin.


Some other Rosé winemaking method are blending the red wine and white wine together, which is another popular style that used in sparkling rosé in champagne region.


Taste are varies on region and production techniques, it could be from strawberry and raspberry to melon and citrus.

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- Port, Tawny, Sherry

As the name (Dessert wine) speaks itself, dessert wine are very sweet which normally served after the meal or pair with desserts.. In some countries like United Kingdom, people usually enjoy the sweet white wine as an aperitif before meal and sweet red wine to rinse their palate after. Dessert wine can be categorised into Port, Tawny or Sherry.

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- Port, Madeira, Sherry

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Fortified wine are the wines with spirits such brandy are added during fermentation. Process. This wine are also sweetened by the alcohol. Normally fortified wine pair with some dessert. Port, Sherry and Madeira are also considered fortified wine.

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