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Wine is typically made out of the fermented grape juice, where yeasts reacted to grape's sugar and convert it into an alcoholic drink. Commonly use grape is Vitis Vinifera.

However, do you know a bottle wine only contains 11% to 13% of alcohol? Little did we know, the bottle contains 70% to 80% of water and the remainings are acids, glycerol, sugar, sulfites, and more. 

What is wine?
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wine grape is also known as Vitis Vinifera

  • smaller and rounder

  • thicker skins and it contributes better tannin and colour.

  • sweeter compared to Vitis Labrusca; higher sugar content leads to better for yeast fermentation.

  • this grape characteristics' fit perfect for wine-making as it's filled with concentrated flavours.

table grape is also known as Vitis Labrusca

  • bigger and ovalish shape

  • thinner skins

  • less sweeter than to Vitis Vinifera

  • contains a higher water level hence lower in sugar content so it won't be ideal for wine-making but instead it's good for munching away as the grapes are juicier.

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